Movie night in the Adams house uncovered a gem.

Yesterday, a story about a struggling singer/songwriter, accomplished what good art always does. It touched me.

This movie has all of the elements.

Music, imagination, hope and romance. And of course, a great story.

The main character Jack Malik is struggling for traction in his music career. Talented as a singer. Not so much as a writer.

One fateful day a glitch in the time/space continuum throws him off of his bicycle in front of a moving bus.

When he comes to, he reenters life where Pepsi exists, but not Coca-Cola. And of course, no one’s ever heard of The Beatles.

Once he realizes no one’s ever heard a Fab Four song, he painstakingly recreates the music, and although he tries to tell friends and family that the music is not his, they don’t believe him.

So, he runs with it and his music career takes off.

The story is a fun journey through The Beatle’s catalog of music and a satisfying romance.

Ironically, the makers of Yesterday, a movie about someone who takes art from someone else and make’s it their own, does the very same thing.

They took The Beatle’s songs and built a movie around the music.

They added their own texture, flavor, storyline and created an original piece of art.

It’s true of most great artists.

Influenced by their predecessors, they take the inspiration, add their unique perspective, and advance the art.

Just like you and me.

Inside each of us is a story. Art.

As we journey we take it all in.

Influenced by our community, we take the inspiration, add our unique perspective and advance the art.