Articles on spiritual matters can be difficult to write.

As a blogger, you tend to worry about offending someone. Especially in the hyper sensitive, politically correct environment in which we find ourselves.

As I considered today’s post, I wanted to discuss to the most important and foundational question in one’s spiritual quest.

How do we discern what is true?

As a forty year follower of Christ, I’ve not heard many teach on this subject. Mostly what I’ve heard is someone’s opinion on what’s true.

Over the years, I always trusted the pastor. That he’d done his homework. That he’d studied all of the angles and challenged the dogma to ensure what he was preaching was accurate. That he’d researched the matter in it’s original language and carefully considered his message.

What I’ve learned is you can’t rely on your pastor or any authority figure to discern what is true. What I’ve learned is that you’ve got to chase the truth with passion and vigor. You have to test all things and hold on to what is true.

For me, I begin with my intuition.

For instance, I have never believed in The Big Bang Theory.

I never believed in evolution theory.

I never believed that abortion was moral.

I never believed that man could destroy the planet, and sure as hell never believed we could destroy it with carbon dioxide. CARBON DIOXIDE! You know, the stuff we exhale when we breathe. The stuff plants and trees LOVE.

I never believed in these theories because they didn’t ring true to me. They weren’t logical nor were they intuitive.

So how do you know truth?

Everything we know, or perceive to know, is based on stories.

Stories handed down from generation to generation.

From people just like you and me.

Big Bang theory was Georges LemaƮtre, a catholic priest.

Evolution theory, Darwin.

Abortion as moral, dates back to 1550 BC with the Egyptians.

Carbon dioxide as a threat to humanity is rather fresh as a theory, but many will give politician Al Gore the credit for making it consensus.

Lemaitre, Darwin, The Egyptians, and Al Gore are all people. Just people. With stories to tell. Their version of the truth.

To know the truth, we must study these people. Where did they get these theories? What was the context? Who influenced them? What was their motivation?

If you’re interested, I encourage you to study each of these people to answer these questions. Additionally, I encourage you to challenge their theories and understand the ideas and people who opposed them.

As for me and how I decide what to believe, I have a much simpler approach. I ask one question: What does God say?

It’s the ultimate question for a believer.

What does God say about the beginnings of the universe? About creation and evolution? About abortion? How does God view man and his ability to destroy His creation?

You see, to truly understand a story, you must first find the storyteller and study his life.

The ultimate storyteller is God.

Listening to his stories reveals the truth.