My weekly coffee meeting with my dad has an interesting pattern. This week was no different.

“How was your week?”

Sometimes he asks. Sometimes it’s me.

My new truck was a big part of this week’s conversation, a topic for which we both have great enthusiasm.

Ultimately our conversations always turn to the most important subject–people.

Sometimes we discuss people in the news. Sometimes we discuss friends, coworkers, musicians. Sometimes we discuss our family.

Families have problems. Ours is no different.

When a family member faces difficulty, it’s important to pray for them. As important, we must also support them.

In deed and in word.

Our deeds can manifest in gifts, favors, money, all of which are useful.

Of all the gifts we can give, our words might be the most valuable.

“Dad, you know that country song that says ‘overuse I love you’?”

“Yes, I think so.” he answers.

“Yeah, well I think that song’s spot on. When it comes to my wife and kids, I intentionally overuse ‘I love you’.”

Because I know the power of words.

“In fact”, I continued, “I remember telling my daughter everyday when she was a young girl that she was beautiful.”

Now in her late 20’s my nickname for her remains “pretty girl.”

Words of affirmation.

Words, assembled in the right way, at the right time, for the right person, can change the trajectory of their life.

We all have within us the capacity for words. Unique to us. Like a fingerprint. An inner message.

Sometimes our inner message manifests itself as a song. Or art. Or an act of kindness.

Like a GPS, this message guides us towards our highest calling.

I like to think of this internal guiding sage as The Voice.

Eastern cultures call it Chi, or Tao.

Believers call it the Holy Spirit.

Our duty for friends and family is to find The Voice, to feed it, and to share.

Finding it requires inner quiet. By seeking God. By faith.

Feeding it requires hearing his Word.

Sharing The Voice requires listening to it, good intent, and action.

Sharing requires overusing ‘I love you’.