An Open Letter to Bastion Agents:

Dear Bastion Agents :

Last week I tried to get into the Bastion World Headquarters garage. As I stretched my hand toward the keypad and tried to type in the code, I realized there was a spider’s web in the way.

Normally, I don’t like to interrupt God’s creatures doing their work, but in this case there was no way to open the garage door without tearing down the spider’s web. So I did.

As the night went on I began to feel guilty about destroying the web, maybe I could have used another door.

The next day, I had to get into the garage again. As I reached for the garage door pad to type in the code I noticed the spiders web had reappeared!

Now what? Do I tear it down again? Doesn’t God have a purpose for this precious spider? Who am I to interfere?

After carefully considering tearing down this spider web for the second time, I pulled out a broom and took every inch of it down. I felt like this spider was intruding on our place of work. (Sometimes you’ve got to assert your position in the natural order of things.)

The next day I had a property to list so I needed a sign and lockbox. As I approached the garage I noticed the spider had rebuilt the web I had torn down twice already, only this time it was rebuilt to perfection. It was so remarkable, and so symmetric, there was no chance I would destroy this web again. Truly, it was a work of art.

As I thought about this amazing creation, I realized how crazy talented and incredibly determined this spider has been over the last week.

Then, it hit me. Like the literary spider from Charlotte’s Web, this spider was giving a crystal clear message for ALL OF US.

1) Fulfill your life’s purpose.

2) Don’t quit.

P.S. If you need a sign or lockbox this week, please carefully reach around the spider’s web.

Fist bump to the Bastion Spider. May your web produce much success. May our business, and our lives, be forever inspired by your example.