Ginger Baker died in October of last year.

He was a co-founder of the rock group Cream and regarded as one of the best drummers to ever live.

A few years ago I watched a television special on his life. The interviewer, trying to understand the essence of Ginger’s incredible talent, asked him what makes his style so unique.

Baker went on to describe rhythm as constant motion. He described his style as focused not just the drum beat, but the in-between. The silence between beats. He explained how good percussion flows like water.

So it is with a good life.

The last half of 2019 was spent thinking, How do I put it all together?

By all, I mean ALL!

Mind. Body. Spirit. Finances. Relationships.

I want to build a great business, and great relationships. I want a healthy body, and to grow intellectually. I want to work and play hard. I want to grow closer to God.

What are the options?

Many gurus preach work-life balance. I disagree. I’ve tried it. I’ve known friends who’ve tried it. None have succeeded.
Balance, I think, is unattainable. It’s not how life works.

Something will always be out of balance. Finances. Health. Relationships.

So, if work-life balance won’t help me put it all together, what will?

Like a good drummer, I think it’s rhythm and flow.

My goals in 2020 are to promote my book, my podcast, and my new YouTube channel.

To engage an audience and attract real estate agents. To engage an audience and attract real estate clients.

The question becomes, How do you do it?

How do you find time to write? How do you produce content on all of your social media platforms?

At the same time, how do you find time for relationships, for reading, for praying, for exercise?

Last week is a good example.

I finally published The Ten Commandments for Selling Your Home, however, getting it written was a struggle.

Once I had the concept and the content, it still took me almost a week to write it.


Because it is 6 pages long and there are only 16 hours in a day.

So I decided to incorporate rhythm and flow, starting with my calendar.

I created a daily schedule that allows a certain amount of time to exercise, read, write, and pray.

While following the schedule, I stacked tasks.

During exercise I listened to music and took pictures used for Instagram and Facebook. While showering I listened to sermons. While driving I listened to business podcasts.

After writing I produced a short video about what I just wrote. At the office I plugged in my phone and uploaded the pictures and video to create the beginning of my daily show before I began my workday.

Relationships also get folded into my day by making calls, texts, and emails with the goal of face to face meeting with loved ones and new people.

Although I don’t have it all put together, I feel like I’m moving forward.

Thinking like the great Ginger Baker, and plugged into the space between.

Not in a hurry. No stress. Just rhythm and flow.