I resisted writing about this subject. The “pandemic” corona virus.

Instead of discussing the biology or health impact of this virus, for which I have little knowledge, I would like to direct your attention to a subject for which I have a great deal of knowledge and experience–human behavior.

My credentials? Salesperson and manager for over thirty years. Coach. Dad. Husband. Brother. Friend.

With my clear expertise established, let’s discuss Corona and human behavior.

Aside from the obvious health threat, the impact of Corona on the economy has great potential to do long lasting damage.

The NBA, MLS, multiple festivals, conferences, and college classes have already been cancelled. More will come including local schools, governments and businesses.

The immediate implications for hotels, theme parks, airlines, restaurants and bars, could be catastrophic.

The stock market this year, as of this writing, has lost over 8 trillion dollars and has lost almost 10 percentage points today alone.

Our economy is based on one very predictable and human trait–confidence.

Confidence is EVERYTHING in economics.

Consumer confidence. Business confidence.

Decisions get made when there is certainty. People buy houses, cars, and vacations when their 401K’s are flush. When they know income is flowing and will continue. No income? No confidence. No confidence? No spending.

The President of the United States is the only person who can deliver confidence in times of crisis.

Our current president is a businessman.

He is the most qualified person to ever occupy The White House.


He also happens to be the most powerful man in the history of planet Earth. (not arguable)

The biggest and most lethal military in history is at his beck and call. With one stroke of the pen, he can invoke The Stafford Act and declare a state of emergency which gives him almost total control.


That’s where this is going.

Congress won’t sign on to any idea Trump brings to them.

Despite our clear economic emergency, they want him out of office.

After repeated efforts to engage lawmakers, he will have no choice but to declare the emergency.

The world will take one month off of work, school, and unnecessary economic activity.

President Trump will provide liquidity through the US Treasury with the reluctant help of the Federal Reserve. He will cut checks to everyday Americans to pay their bills and to run their small businesses. Either in the form of direct cash or deferred tax payments.

Before any of that happens, he will address the American people and he will unveil the plan. To give confidence.

Confidence is EVERYTHING in economics.

And in life.

Say what you want about Trump, but he’s a leader.

He understands what good leaders understand–success begins with confidence.

He will provide it soon.

Of that, you can be confident.