It’s a new year. The gym will be full today.

Fresh beginnings.

So it is with me.

Half of 2018 and almost all of 2019 were somewhat dark for me.

My health wasn’t quite right which affected most aspects of my life.

Today, however, begins a new chapter.

Growth is on my mind.

When I started writing in 2016 I knew almost nothing about storytelling. Though I knew it was an important component in my professional and personal growth, I was unsure how to incorporate it into my daily life.

How would I use storytelling to grow my business? How would I use it to bring value to folks? How would I use it to share my faith?

I started a monthly newsletter, a podcast, and a blog. I started a YouTube channel, a daily Facebook Live show, and I even wrote a book.

Inspired by a church sermon, my storytelling was focused on building the Five Capitals in life.

Capital, an asset, can be built. Once built we will have a reservoir with which to share with friends, family, and neighbors.

The Five Capitals are, physical, intellectual, spiritual, relational, and financial.

After four full years of working my craft and studying these subjects, clarity has come.

I realized that financial and relational capital cannot be achieved without working on your physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.

How can you have financial success if you’re not intellectually healthy? How can you have good relationships if you’re not spiritually healthy? How can you have either if you’re not physically healthy?

The finances and relationships are products of the other three.

For that reason, I’ve changed everything about how I’m approaching growing my blog and podcast. How I’m growing my business. How I’m growing my relationships.

Everything I’m doing, going forward is about health.

Mental and intellectual health.

Physical health.

Spiritual health.

Mind. Body. Spirit. It’s all there is. It’s where we find growth.

Growth is who I am. Growth is what I do. Growth is what brings value to my audience. My readers. My podcast listeners. My real estate agents. My clients.

With a new focus comes a new name. Loveland Advice Givers blog and podcast are no more. Advisor Monthly newsletter is no more.

Ron Adams Blog and Ron Adams Podcast will share stories about the mind, body, and spirit. As will The Ron Adams Newsletter.

None of us have arrived, especially me. We all want success in finances and in our relationships.

How do we get there?

Come along with me, let’s explore together.

You can listen to The Ron Adams Podcast on iTunes and Coming soon to Spotify.

If you’d like an old fashioned newsletter delivered to your house, just email me with your address at

God Bless. Let’ make it a great 2020.)