In 2012 Theresa and I bought a distressed house in Reading, rehabbed it, and moved in.

Our goal was to stay for a few years, find another distressed house and do the same.

So, in 2014, we did just that.

A house came on the market on a street in Loveland for which I’d never heard.

Although I grew up in Loveland and raised my kids in Miami Township, I’d never, to my knowledge, been on Bridge Street.

Built in 1900, 384 Bridge Street was in relatively good condition. At the corner of Bridge and Russell street in Branch Hill and two doors down from Kirby’s, it had everything we wanted in a house. It was cheap, near Loveland, and had great potential.

It had one major problem–traffic! Thousands and thousands of cars daily.

Now, as a real estate agent, I can tell you that houses on busy streets can be hard to sell, which was our ultimate goal.

As we contemplated buying this house my wheels started turning. I had been considering renting some office space for the real estate practice, but if we bought this house we could live here and have an office. Win. Win.

So, we sold our Reading house, and made an offer.

384 Bridge Street, Loveland, Ohio became our new home and Bastion World Headquarters.

We stripped the interior down to the studs, rewired, new plumbing, updated insulation, roof, porch, kitchen, two baths, laundry, added a fence and before you know it, we had a really nice place.

Last fall we moved out, and had a decision to make. Do we sell it and cash out, or do we keep it?

I love the idea of having an office, but in today’s digital world agents truly only a laptop and a cell phone.

“Let’s try to rent it and if the building can pay for itself we’ll keep it.” I told Theresa. “Worse case we can always sell.”

So, we had my cousin Ricky modify the podcast studio, add a hallway, and do some drywall work to make the building good for renting.

AirBnb is a win/win situation. As the owner, I get to keep my building, my personal office, have my podcast studio, and still have rental income from the two bedrooms. Renters get full access to the entire house on evenings and weekends along with the kitchen, common space and two full baths. Not to mention a great location next to the bike trail.

We have the rooms fully rented and the guests could not be nicer.

One of the characters is a business guy from out of town who loves to talk business with me. Last night I stayed late discussing with him marketing, sales, and life.

He’s a sales manager and he really gave me encouragement and a boost of confidence. He also lent me a book which I promptly started reading. The name of the book is Mindset – The New Psychology of Success.

It’s kind of funny that the right book is delivered at the right time for me.

The book breaks down our mindset into two categories–fixed mindset or growth mindset.

Fixed mindset is when we limit our thinking to very narrow possibilities. For instance, we might think our natural gifts cannot be improved. That our lot in life is not controllable.

Growth mindset, however, believes we can expand our skills, intelligence, and our capacity by continual learning.

One mindset reflects scarcity. The other abundance.

One focuses on what can’t be done. The other gets you into the hotel business.