Watching Joe Burrow perform in the National Championship game was like witnessing Mozart compose a masterpiece.
Pure joy.Followed by deep sadness.
Joe Burrow is one of the good guys. Great player true, but maybe a better person.
This game, unfortunately, will be the highlight of his career.
We won’t have the opportunity to see him develop into the one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.
Because he will most likely be selected by the Cincinnati Bengals with the number one pick in the NFL draft.
Truly, I feel so bad for him.
For most of my life I was a Bengals fan.
My son was donned in Bengal gear when he was just a baby.
For over 30 years, I watched every game. Rooted for my hometown team.
Until, I just couldn’t take it anymore.
After the founder Paul Brown died in 1991 the organization declined steadily. I hung in there for almost 20 years and one day asked myself the following question:
“If Mike Brown doesn’t care if the Bengals win, why should I?”
Been following my Cowboys ever since.
As I thought about all of the great players to come through the Bengals organization, and the unfortunate fate of poor Joe Burrow, I had a revelation.
Is former Bengal Corey Dillon the greatest running back in the history of the NFL?
Dillon ranks 20th all time in rushing yards, and number 18 on the all time touchdown list.
Emmitt Smith, who’s at the top of the rushing list, had an amazing offensive line and played on Cowboy teams who had excellent quarterbacks and wide receivers. An excellent supporting cast.
Corey Dillon had no such support.
He played most of his career with the Bengals.
Who. Were. Horrible.
Year after year he was pretty much the only offensive weapon on teams that collectively won 34 games and lost 78 during his tenure. Not to mention the offensive line was not regarded as very good.
Think about it, Corey Dillon is the 20th All Time NFL rusher on teams who had no real options. Against all odds.
Still yet, he excelled. One of the greatest ever.
As good as he was, Corey Dillon could not win by himself.
Football, like life, is a team sport. To be successful, you need a good supporting cast.
Unfortunately for Joe Burrow, the Bengals haven’t shown they can provide that support.