Crossroads church in Oakley is an interesting place. I know, I know, church isn’t a place, it’s people. (Thinks it over, scratches chin, rewrites opening line)

Crossroads church is interesting people.

Last Sunday, the message for the day was ‘winning’.

The Crossroads band comes out without uttering a word and hammers out a few very familiar notes.

Immediately, I knew it wasn’t your run of the mill Christian song. No, this is a song for which I am intimately familiar.

My entire mood changed. Instinctively my body started moving to the rhythm, my head began to bob, and a huge smile came across my face.

Reluctantly crouched at the starting line
Engines pumping and thumping in time
The green light flashes, the flags go up
Churning and burning, they yearn for the cup

The song? “The Distance” by one of my favorite bands–Cake

He’s going the distance!

He’s going for speed!

Honestly, it was the best cover of the song I’ve ever heard. So good! So fun!

It set the tone for an excellent message about winning for which Brian Tome delivered flawlessly.

Winning requires going the distance.

As I discussed the sermon and the amazing song opening with Theresa, I marveled aloud how they totally nailed that song.

How could a church band do that kind of song justice?

As I thought about it, the answer came.


Someone in the Crossroads Band, or maybe all of them, were truly excited about doing the song. Truly, they were enthusiastic about doing it. Truly, they had to be Cake fans!

Authenticity in music and in life, creates magic.

However, most of us struggle finding our authentic self.

We all want to be better. Better spouses. Better siblings. Better in our careers. Better in our health.

So we begin the search.

Searching for answers, somewhere out there, we overlook the obvious–who are we?

Better said, who are we really?


Last week I met with a young man who is asking this very question.

During our talk I shared with him what used to be a major flaw in my approach to life.

“I always looked for answers out there”, as I pointed outside.

“What I’ve learned is, the answers are in here.” as I pointed to my chest.

Our authentic self lies inside of us.

Our DNA. Where God resides. Where our hopes and aspirations live.

Our mission, should we choose to accept, is to spend our lives uncovering it, and go the distance.