I love chess, and play almost everyday.

Mostly online, but once a month in person with my brother Jamie.

My earliest memory of the game was playing with my childhood friend Carl Ealy when were in grade school.

Although somewhat complicated, especially for kids, we played quite a bit.

Sometime around the 7th grade, I joined the chess club at school and played with Mike Bradford and Kenny McClellan, two of the smartest guys I knew.

Later, my buddy Ronnie Turner and I became obsessed with the game as we’d stay up all night playing while listening to Zenyatta Mondatta by The Police. He was an intense competitor and every time I beat him he’d scream, “one more!”.

He’d beat me. “2 outta 3!” He’d beat me again. “3 outta 5!”

So, we’d set it up and play another. And another. And another.

Still I play, almost 40 years later.

Why so addicting?

Mainly because every game is different, depending on the opponent’s strategy.

Their move requires a defensive countermove. All along you’re looking for an opportunity to take the offensive.

Good players, over time, learn to manage the game.

You’ve got a piece count lead and there’s not much time? You get defensive and run out the clock.

You’re behind and running out of time? You get aggressive.

It’s game management.

Living our lives is no different.

Weight loss goals require a strategy. Life countermoves with a donut? Gotta adjust.

Bible study requires a strategy. Overslept? Make adjustments.

Business goals require a strategy. Fall short one day? Make it up the next.

Life, the ultimate game.

Game management is the key.