Facebook videos are addicting.

Last night I was pulled into the vortex.

Facebook knows me, so Facebook serves up videos that are appealing to me.

You know, martial arts, Graham Norton interviews, and maybe my favorite–music audition videos.

Last night I clicked on an American Idol audition.

The video starts with a young lady sitting at the entry of a venue where auditions were being held. She had traveled quite a distance to compete and discovered upon her arrival that this was not an open audition.

Although she was disappointed, she didn’t give up.

She sat at the entry determined to catch someone’s attention. Ultimately Ryan Seacrest escorted her inside to audition.

Of course she nailed the performance.

Afterwards Katy Perry shared a piece of advice that caught my attention–Best Storyteller Wins.

The context was music, but I recognized right away it’s true in every aspect of business and life.

As I marinated on this phrase, I got caught by another favorite video genre served up by Facebook.

Dave Chappelle was doing a standup routine, “The Four Times I met O.J. Simpson.”

As I listened to his bit, it hit me! Dave Chappelle is a world class storyteller. His setups take much longer, but Chappelle is arguably the best stand up comedian in the world.

Best Storyteller Wins.

Yesterday I released Episode 127 of the Ron Adams Podcast. My guest was bodybuilder Robbie Casey. (aka Robbie Transforms)

He laid out an incredible tale illustrating the struggles of the human condition. Robbie’s podcast is the classic hero’s journey.

First, a call to adventure. Robbie was challenged to a 12 week transformation challenge. Then he met a mentor, Bodybuilding.com and ultimately Steve Poynter. Then he crossed the threshold in the the 12 weeks of hell. He tried. He failed. He grew. He gained new skills and habits. His old self died. He resurrected as a newer, healthier, person. He’s in the process of giving back by helping others. Those who have known him marvel at the change.

His story was inspiring.

Best Storyteller Wins.

All of the aforementioned storytellers have one thing in common, they didn’t just tell the story, they LIVED their story.

Katy Perry lived hers by practicing the craft of writing and music.

Dave Chappelle demonstrated his by performing comedy for years on stage.

Robbie Transforms worked his by transforming his body.

The key to becoming a great storyteller is to first live the story.

Live your story.

The Best Storyteller Wins.