Simon Sinek is a best selling author and motivational speaker.

His book, Start with Why, has helped hundreds of thousands of people calibrate their lives and their business.

The core tenant of his business philosophy is summed up in five words : People buy what you believe.

My son and I were having lunch at Shooters in Loveland. As I looked at the menu I noticed some advertisements.

What a good idea!

An ad for BMW’s caught my attention.

I looked at my son and said, “This is smart. This audience is perfect for a BMW ad. If I were a car salesman, I’d sell BMW’s.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Because, it’s a quality car and I’d rather sell something I believe in.”

People buy what you believe.

What about you? Your business. Your charity. Your cause.

What do you believe?

As I contemplated building my business and bringing on more real estate agents, it became apparent to me that I had not considered what I believed.

How could a new agent get excited about joining my company if they didn’t know the principles of the company?

Wouldn’t they want to work for a company they believed in? Someone with a cause? A mission? A quality product? Like BMW.

Shouldn’t I also share what I DON’T believe? Like cold calling, spamming, door knocking. Like tricking people into giving me their contact information so I can constantly harass them? Like being a slick salesman instead of a trusted advisor?

Ultimately I took Simon Sinek’s advice and wrote down my beliefs.

The result was my book, Salesperson to Superhero.

My beliefs, in written form for those who might join my cause.

The question now becomes, how do I share those beliefs with my targeted audience?

Well, that’s a different and interesting question. I’m not sure I have the perfect answer, but I’ll keep you posted as I begin yet another leg of the journey.

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Everyday at Noon here.

You gotta have lunch anyway, right? Why not check it out?

Until then remember, whatever your mission, to advance your cause, you need to know what it is that you believe.

My encouragement to you: write it down and begin to share.