The Great Reset of 2020

The Great Reset of 2020

Our economy is in a death spiral. A crash is coming and it’s unavoidable.

Almost 30 million folks lost their jobs in a 5 week span.

After living through the 2008 crash, I, like many business owners at the time, suffered greatly.

Builders, real estate, and mortgage companies, both residential and commercial, were the first to feel the effects. Afterward the dominoes began to fall. The resulting job losses and stock market losses impacted every single American.

We never truly recovered as the government was forced to stimulate and borrow money to avoid total collapse. All in all the US government borrowed and spent 1 trillion dollars per year for 8 years to finally begin to get back to normal.

Those debts have to be paid. By taxpayers. You and me. Our kids and grandkids.

As scary as borrowing 8 trillion dollars is, our current situation is worse.

So far, in 6 weeks, we’ve already spent or borrowed 6 trillion dollars. That’s 1 trillion dollars PER WEEK!

Four trillion in securities purchases and other shenanigans designed to keep credit flowing, plus over 2 trillion dollars were spent in the economic stimulus bill.

Although the stimulus will help in the short term, it’s too little and way too late. Our economy is about to go over a cliff.

Without going too deep into the weeds, I’ll keep it simple.

People won’t or can’t pay their lease or mortgage. The domino effect will impact pension funds, mortgage backed securities, corporate and public bonds. See more here. And here.

Our fake, debt-based system, is coming down and it’s going to be biblical. A crash like nobody’s ever experienced.

How it happens and how long it takes, I’m not sure, but one thing I know–our country, our culture, our point of view will forever change. Especially around how our economy works. Especially around the subject of debt.

Yesterday’s post about the mid 1950’s appeals to a lot of us, because we’re tired of the rat race. We’re tired of working hard and every ten years or so we have a war or a crisis that requires more and more spending. More and more bailouts. More and more debt.

Debt paid for by taxes.

Most Americans give away almost 50% of their income to a government that wastes it and funnels it to their cronies and special interests.

All of it is about to end.

The Great Reset is coming.

After the Federal Reserve buys up all outstanding debt, which may take some time, I believe that debt, both public and private will be forgiven.

Don’t believe it? There are plenty of prominent economists discussing the subject. Check it out here.

In biblical times they called this a jubilee.

Along with the great economic reset will be an opportunity for people to do a personal reset.

Mentally. Physically. Spiritually.

Viruses, economic meltdowns, and jubilees are not under our control. However, despite our circumstances, we still have the opportunity to reset.

Let us begin by taking the opportunity to renew our relationship with the God of creation.

Today is a good day to start.



The wife and I have been watching Turner Classic Movies.

This weekend’s flick was Magnificent Obsession with Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman.

Although the movie wasn’t great, it was a interesting look back at a simpler American life.

Set in mid-1950’s, Magnificent Obsession highlights a time of optimism, prosperity, and progress.

Fashion reflected simplicity and class. Women wore hats, gloves, and a soft smile, while men attended baseball games in suits and fedoras.

Wouldn’t it be great to go back in time?

Although we can’t go back, we absolutely have the ability to create a future every bit as simple and romantic. Ultimately, it’s up to us. Going forward is all we have.

Regularly, folks ask where is the real estate business going?

Always I respond the same, “I don’t know where it’s going, but as for me and my company, we’re going back to 1955.”

Back to a time where real estate agents were respected. Where they weren’t in such a hurry. Where they spent quality time and gave quality service.

No telemarketing, e-mail spam or sales funnels.

Instead, we’re going to keep it simple and classy, just like they did in the days of Jane Wyman and the Magnificent Obsession.

Back to 1955.



Simon Sinek is a best selling author and motivational speaker.

His book, Start with Why, has helped hundreds of thousands of people calibrate their lives and their business.

The core tenant of his business philosophy is summed up in five words : People buy what you believe.

My son and I were having lunch at Shooters in Loveland. As I looked at the menu I noticed some advertisements.

What a good idea!

An ad for BMW’s caught my attention.

I looked at my son and said, “This is smart. This audience is perfect for a BMW ad. If I were a car salesman, I’d sell BMW’s.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Because, it’s a quality car and I’d rather sell something I believe in.”

People buy what you believe.

What about you? Your business. Your charity. Your cause.

What do you believe?

As I contemplated building my business and bringing on more real estate agents, it became apparent to me that I had not considered what I believed.

How could a new agent get excited about joining my company if they didn’t know the principles of the company?

Wouldn’t they want to work for a company they believed in? Someone with a cause? A mission? A quality product? Like BMW.

Shouldn’t I also share what I DON’T believe? Like cold calling, spamming, door knocking. Like tricking people into giving me their contact information so I can constantly harass them? Like being a slick salesman instead of a trusted advisor?

Ultimately I took Simon Sinek’s advice and wrote down my beliefs.

The result was my book, Salesperson to Superhero.

My beliefs, in written form for those who might join my cause.

The question now becomes, how do I share those beliefs with my targeted audience?

Well, that’s a different and interesting question. I’m not sure I have the perfect answer, but I’ll keep you posted as I begin yet another leg of the journey.

In the meantime check out my new YouTube show, the Daily Download Live, where I seek to download the 30 years of my life experiences one show at a time. Topics covered will be Real Estate, Blogging, Podcasting, and Storytelling.

Everyday at Noon here.

You gotta have lunch anyway, right? Why not check it out?

Until then remember, whatever your mission, to advance your cause, you need to know what it is that you believe.

My encouragement to you: write it down and begin to share.



According to the polls, half of America disapproves of president Donald Trump.

His disapproval numbers would be cut in half if Americans fully understood agency.


Yes, agency.

You see, Donald Trump’s career was built as a real estate broker who has been trained to defend the client.

Naturally, a real estate agent who wins the presidency would instinctively protect his clients–The citizens of the United States.

The dictionary defines an agent as “a person who acts on behalf of another person or group.”

Qui Facit Per Alium Facit Per Se  is latin and means “he who acts as another, acts himself.” It is the fundamental principle in agency law.

One person or entity, the principal, gives another person or entity the power to represent their interests. Said differently, the agent represents the wishes and interests of the person for whom he represents.

An example of principal-agency relationships is the employer-employee relationship. The employer, the principal, conveys power to the employee, the agent, to act on their behalf with customers or vendors.

Another example of agency is the attorney-client relationship. The client, the principal, gives the attorney, the agent, power to represent them in a court of law.

Real estate brokerage is very similar. The broker represents the best interests of the client, and the agent represents the interest of the broker.

Using the broker analogy, Trump, as the agent, represents the best interests of the American people, his clients.

America First is his slogan. Not China. Not Europe. Not Mexico. American Citizens only.

I’m a believer in this principle.

When I coach agents, I stress agency over everything else we do. It’s the most important concept in our business. Once our agents understand their role in a transaction, their decisions become easier. Every circumstance comes down to one question: “what’s in the best interest of the client?”

Unfortunately, not everyone practices this principle.

The state of Ohio, in it’s infinite wisdom, has complicated the situation with a concept known as “dual agency.”

Dual agency, an oxymoron.

Dual agency is exactly how it sounds, it’s representing both parties in a matter. As it pertains to real estate, representing the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. Here’s what’s interesting, IT’S PERFECTLY LEGAL!

Why is that a problem?

According to Ohio law, it is illegal for an attorney to represent both the plaintiff and the defendant.

Shouldn’t real estate agents have the same mandate? A fiduciary and moral obligation to represent their clients to the fullest?

Unfortunately, most real estate brokers practice dual agency.

In fact, I often hear agents bragging to fellow agents how they “double end” most of their deals. In other words they represent both clients so they can get paid commissions for both sides of the transactions. Does this seem right?

What if everyone practiced dual agency in life?

Can you be a Cowboy fan and an Eagles fan? Can you work for McDonald’s and Burger King? Can you be devoted to your wife and your girlfriend?

In real estate, and in life, you can’t be on both sides of an issue. You must pick a side. You must choose for whom you will advocate.

Trump might not be your favorite politician, but make no mistake, he’s not a dual agent.



Articles on spiritual matters can be difficult to write.

As a blogger, you tend to worry about offending someone. Especially in the hyper sensitive, politically correct environment in which we find ourselves.

As I considered today’s post, I wanted to discuss to the most important and foundational question in one’s spiritual quest.

How do we discern what is true?

As a forty year follower of Christ, I’ve not heard many teach on this subject. Mostly what I’ve heard is someone’s opinion on what’s true.

Over the years, I always trusted the pastor. That he’d done his homework. That he’d studied all of the angles and challenged the dogma to ensure what he was preaching was accurate. That he’d researched the matter in it’s original language and carefully considered his message.

What I’ve learned is you can’t rely on your pastor or any authority figure to discern what is true. What I’ve learned is that you’ve got to chase the truth with passion and vigor. You have to test all things and hold on to what is true.

For me, I begin with my intuition.

For instance, I have never believed in The Big Bang Theory.

I never believed in evolution theory.

I never believed that abortion was moral.

I never believed that man could destroy the planet, and sure as hell never believed we could destroy it with carbon dioxide. CARBON DIOXIDE! You know, the stuff we exhale when we breathe. The stuff plants and trees LOVE.

I never believed in these theories because they didn’t ring true to me. They weren’t logical nor were they intuitive.

So how do you know truth?

Everything we know, or perceive to know, is based on stories.

Stories handed down from generation to generation.

From people just like you and me.

Big Bang theory was Georges Lemaître, a catholic priest.

Evolution theory, Darwin.

Abortion as moral, dates back to 1550 BC with the Egyptians.

Carbon dioxide as a threat to humanity is rather fresh as a theory, but many will give politician Al Gore the credit for making it consensus.

Lemaitre, Darwin, The Egyptians, and Al Gore are all people. Just people. With stories to tell. Their version of the truth.

To know the truth, we must study these people. Where did they get these theories? What was the context? Who influenced them? What was their motivation?

If you’re interested, I encourage you to study each of these people to answer these questions. Additionally, I encourage you to challenge their theories and understand the ideas and people who opposed them.

As for me and how I decide what to believe, I have a much simpler approach. I ask one question: What does God say?

It’s the ultimate question for a believer.

What does God say about the beginnings of the universe? About creation and evolution? About abortion? How does God view man and his ability to destroy His creation?

You see, to truly understand a story, you must first find the storyteller and study his life.

The ultimate storyteller is God.

Listening to his stories reveals the truth.