Movie night in the Adams house uncovered a gem.

Yesterday, a story about a struggling singer/songwriter, accomplished what good art always does. It touched me.

This movie has all of the elements.

Music, imagination, hope and romance. And of course, a great story.

The main character Jack Malik is struggling for traction in his music career. Talented as a singer. Not so much as a writer.

One fateful day a glitch in the time/space continuum throws him off of his bicycle in front of a moving bus.

When he comes to, he reenters life where Pepsi exists, but not Coca-Cola. And of course, no one’s ever heard of The Beatles.

Once he realizes no one’s ever heard a Fab Four song, he painstakingly recreates the music, and although he tries to tell friends and family that the music is not his, they don’t believe him.

So, he runs with it and his music career takes off.

The story is a fun journey through The Beatle’s catalog of music and a satisfying romance.

Ironically, the makers of Yesterday, a movie about someone who takes art from someone else and make’s it their own, does the very same thing.

They took The Beatle’s songs and built a movie around the music.

They added their own texture, flavor, storyline and created an original piece of art.

It’s true of most great artists.

Influenced by their predecessors, they take the inspiration, add their unique perspective, and advance the art.

Just like you and me.

Inside each of us is a story. Art.

As we journey we take it all in.

Influenced by our community, we take the inspiration, add our unique perspective and advance the art.

Rhythm & Flow

Rhythm & Flow

Ginger Baker died in October of last year.

He was a co-founder of the rock group Cream and regarded as one of the best drummers to ever live.

A few years ago I watched a television special on his life. The interviewer, trying to understand the essence of Ginger’s incredible talent, asked him what makes his style so unique.

Baker went on to describe rhythm as constant motion. He described his style as focused not just the drum beat, but the in-between. The silence between beats. He explained how good percussion flows like water.

So it is with a good life.

The last half of 2019 was spent thinking, How do I put it all together?

By all, I mean ALL!

Mind. Body. Spirit. Finances. Relationships.

I want to build a great business, and great relationships. I want a healthy body, and to grow intellectually. I want to work and play hard. I want to grow closer to God.

What are the options?

Many gurus preach work-life balance. I disagree. I’ve tried it. I’ve known friends who’ve tried it. None have succeeded.
Balance, I think, is unattainable. It’s not how life works.

Something will always be out of balance. Finances. Health. Relationships.

So, if work-life balance won’t help me put it all together, what will?

Like a good drummer, I think it’s rhythm and flow.

My goals in 2020 are to promote my book, my podcast, and my new YouTube channel.

To engage an audience and attract real estate agents. To engage an audience and attract real estate clients.

The question becomes, How do you do it?

How do you find time to write? How do you produce content on all of your social media platforms?

At the same time, how do you find time for relationships, for reading, for praying, for exercise?

Last week is a good example.

I finally published The Ten Commandments for Selling Your Home, however, getting it written was a struggle.

Once I had the concept and the content, it still took me almost a week to write it.


Because it is 6 pages long and there are only 16 hours in a day.

So I decided to incorporate rhythm and flow, starting with my calendar.

I created a daily schedule that allows a certain amount of time to exercise, read, write, and pray.

While following the schedule, I stacked tasks.

During exercise I listened to music and took pictures used for Instagram and Facebook. While showering I listened to sermons. While driving I listened to business podcasts.

After writing I produced a short video about what I just wrote. At the office I plugged in my phone and uploaded the pictures and video to create the beginning of my daily show before I began my workday.

Relationships also get folded into my day by making calls, texts, and emails with the goal of face to face meeting with loved ones and new people.

Although I don’t have it all put together, I feel like I’m moving forward.

Thinking like the great Ginger Baker, and plugged into the space between.

Not in a hurry. No stress. Just rhythm and flow.

Happy Food

Happy Food

Almost everyone I know has inflammation.

Crohn’s disease. Arthritis. Skin problems. Swollen joints. Loss of memory. Irritable bowel syndrome.

A study by Rand Corporation in 2014 cited nearly 60% of Americans had at least one chronic condition.

Truly, it’s an epidemic.

Of course, yours truly has suffered and shared my story around diverticulitis.

Over the holidays I spent quality time with my daughter Krista.

She shared with me how she’s volunteering at a farm in Dallas.

Bonton Farms in South Dallas is an urban farm in the middle of a food desert.

Food deserts are defined as areas with limited access to affordable and nutritious foods.

Of course these areas also are job deserts. (not sure if that’s a thing, but you get the gist.)

The goal of the Bonton Farms organization is to provide access to fresh food for the community as well as education and job experiences for it’s residents.

Nutrition to sustain the body. Skills and education to fortify the mind. Hope to lift the spirit.

Of course in order to minister to mind and spirit, we must begin at the beginning–nourishing the body.

Krista, as well as my son Scott, are two of the most knowledgable people I know on the subject of diet. I’ve learned a lot from them.

One of the things I’ve learned is the importance of eating natural foods.

Over time I’ve learned that happy foods are the most nutritious foods.

What’s a happy food?

Before we can begin to understand happy food we must first answer a question–what is unhappy food?

Unhappy food is beef from cows who are grain fed from a trough in a factory setting who are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. Or unhappy chickens, caged and raised in an assembly line, where stress follows them from birth to harvest.

Unhappy food also would include plants that have been biologically manipulated, or sprayed with harsh chemicals.

Many nutritionists blame our chronic inflammation on our food supply. Not just the unhappy natural foods, but the processed foods as well.

Sugar. MSG. Preservatives. High fructose corn syrup. Sodium Nitrate.

Really, these probably shouldn’t 
be considered foods at all.

So, what are happy foods?

Of course they’re the opposite of unhappy foods.

Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Happy free range chicken and eggs. Beef from happy grass fed cows. Butter and cheese from happy goats.

Happy food.

The foundation to a healthy body.



It’s a new year. The gym will be full today.

Fresh beginnings.

So it is with me.

Half of 2018 and almost all of 2019 were somewhat dark for me.

My health wasn’t quite right which affected most aspects of my life.

Today, however, begins a new chapter.

Growth is on my mind.

When I started writing in 2016 I knew almost nothing about storytelling. Though I knew it was an important component in my professional and personal growth, I was unsure how to incorporate it into my daily life.

How would I use storytelling to grow my business? How would I use it to bring value to folks? How would I use it to share my faith?

I started a monthly newsletter, a podcast, and a blog. I started a YouTube channel, a daily Facebook Live show, and I even wrote a book.

Inspired by a church sermon, my storytelling was focused on building the Five Capitals in life.

Capital, an asset, can be built. Once built we will have a reservoir with which to share with friends, family, and neighbors.

The Five Capitals are, physical, intellectual, spiritual, relational, and financial.

After four full years of working my craft and studying these subjects, clarity has come.

I realized that financial and relational capital cannot be achieved without working on your physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.

How can you have financial success if you’re not intellectually healthy? How can you have good relationships if you’re not spiritually healthy? How can you have either if you’re not physically healthy?

The finances and relationships are products of the other three.

For that reason, I’ve changed everything about how I’m approaching growing my blog and podcast. How I’m growing my business. How I’m growing my relationships.

Everything I’m doing, going forward is about health.

Mental and intellectual health.

Physical health.

Spiritual health.

Mind. Body. Spirit. It’s all there is. It’s where we find growth.

Growth is who I am. Growth is what I do. Growth is what brings value to my audience. My readers. My podcast listeners. My real estate agents. My clients.

With a new focus comes a new name. Loveland Advice Givers blog and podcast are no more. Advisor Monthly newsletter is no more.

Ron Adams Blog and Ron Adams Podcast will share stories about the mind, body, and spirit. As will The Ron Adams Newsletter.

None of us have arrived, especially me. We all want success in finances and in our relationships.

How do we get there?

Come along with me, let’s explore together.

You can listen to The Ron Adams Podcast on iTunes and Coming soon to Spotify.

If you’d like an old fashioned newsletter delivered to your house, just email me with your address at

God Bless. Let’ make it a great 2020.)